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Being involved in masonry work for over thirty years in both new builds and repairs, it has always been my delight to be a help and a service to the people that I have worked for.

I have always enjoyed seeing the satisfaction on peoples faces weather it be a new build or a simple repair. I have often heard the complaints of people in other occupations that after the job is complete, their part is mostly hidden. It is great to have a career that when the project is complete I can stand back and admire something I have been a part of.

With all this said, my brick repairs have always been in reaction to a problem that has already happened.

With Kickstones I am now in the business of preventing the problem from ever occurring, the brick repair guys are not going to like Kickstones.

But as for this family business, we are very proud to be part of the prevention rather than part of the cure. If you'd like to know more about Kickstones or have any questions, please click the button below or call us at 1-905-703-4669.

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What Does Salt & Snow Damage Look Like?

Salt, snow and kicking walls aren’t a good mix.
Click through to see photos of typical masonry damage...

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80% of the Dirt in your building comes through the front door

The benefits of providing kickstones to walk-in customers are many:

water damage

Reduce Water Damage

clean less

Clean Less Often

avoid repairs

Avoid Costly Repairs

wet floor slips and falls

Prevent Slips & Falls

save your brickwork

Save Your Brick