Frequently Asked Questions

installing a tall kickstone at a business entrance

What Are Kickstones?

A kickstone is a rock placed near the entrance to a building for people to kick the snow or mud off their boots.

Why do I need a Kickstone?

They keep people from kicking your brick walls and therefore, avoid paying for repairs every couple of years to replace broken and crumbling brickwork.

What options do I have in choosing a Kickstone?

Can I get our logo engraved on to the Kickstone instead?

Yes! We do offer the choice to have your kickstone customized with your own logo, building number and/or specific wording engraved onto it. Ask us for details.

Is my concrete susceptible to the same kind of snow/salt/kick damage as brick?

Unfortunately, yes it is. While concrete does hold up better in general to clay brick and veneer, it can still crumble and break off.

How can I order a Kickstone?

Call us at 1-905-703-4669 or click the button below to use our handy contact form and email us:

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What Does Salt & Snow Damage Look Like?

Salt, snow and kicking walls aren’t a good mix.
Click through to see photos of typical masonry damage...

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80% of the Dirt in your building comes through the front door

The benefits of providing kickstones to walk-in customers are many:

water damage

Reduce Water Damage

clean less

Clean Less Often

avoid repairs

Avoid Costly Repairs

wet floor slips and falls

Prevent Slips & Falls

save your brickwork

Save Your Brick