About Kickstones

For many years now we have been replacing salt-damaged brickwork and blockwork around entrance doorways and the owners would often ask us what is causing this? My answer is always the same, it’s people kicking their snow filled boots against the walls.

People don't want to cause a mess on the floor inside the building, so they will kick their boots against the masonry wall beside the door. Kicking, combined with moisture and salt causes the masonry work to break down and crumble.

What can we do about it?

Our unique solution is to place a stone near the entrance to give people something to tap their boots on. But, we decided to go one step further and engrave the stone, inviting people to kick it. We feel this stone, with a heavy-duty boot cleaning brush attached to it will save you money in brick and masonry repairs and even helps reduce the amount of time spent mopping up wet floors.

80% of the Dirt in your building comes through the front door

The benefits of providing kickstones to walk-in customers are many:

water damage

Reduce Water Damage

clean less

Clean Less Often

avoid repairs

Avoid Costly Repairs

wet floor slips and falls

Prevent Slips & Falls

save your brickwork

Save Your Brick