give ‘em somewhere to kick off the snowsave your brick from crumbling

A Unique Solution To Damaged Brickwork

small Kickstone with boot brush

Small Kickstone with Attached Boot Brush

As a construction company we have been involved in building masonry for over 30 years; 20 years in Northern Ireland and 11 years in Ontario.

One of the biggest problems every property manager faces in Ontario is salt damage to their buildings.

Over the long-term, nothing stands up to repeated exposure to salt and the most vulnerable areas are high-traffic entrance doors. This is considerably worse when there is wet snow on the ground mixed with salt.


Kickstones Keep the Snow, Salt and Muck Away from Your Property

As masons, we have long been replacing salt-damaged brickwork and blockwork near entrances. Owners would often ask us what is causing this? The cause is always the same, it’s people kicking their snow-filled boots against the walls.

So what can we do about it? How can we prevent brick from crumbling?

Our answer for people in this predicament is to place a stone at the entrance of your building to give people something to kick. This stone, with an optional boot brush attached to it, will save property owners a lot of money in masonry repairs and cut down labour costs in cleaning the wet floors caused by people tracking snow into their building.

A&G Engraving installs Kickstones for low to high traffic, retail, office and industrial buildings in Central and Southern Ontario.
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What Does Salt & Snow Damage Look Like?

Salt, snow and kicking walls aren’t a good mix.
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80% of the Dirt in your building comes through the front door

The benefits of providing kickstones to walk-in customers are many:

water damage

Reduce Water Damage

clean less

Clean Less Often

avoid repairs

Avoid Costly Repairs

wet floor slips and falls

Prevent Slips & Falls

save your brickwork

Save Your Brick